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12 Principles of Corporate Branding

Stay Classic

Classic doesn’t mean boring and it certainly doesn’t mean old school or stodgy. It does, however, mean foregoing trends in many area’s to stay “current”.

Company Alignment

Let your mission statement and business plan lead the way. Dont let your brand give your potential customers the wrong idea.

Minimise Confusion

Get multiple opinions and make sure your branding can’t be easily confused with another company’s.

Multiple Platforms

Is your branding and logo going to work in print, on smartphones, on billboards and in low quality newspapers?

Two Colors Max

Black and white don’t count, but beyond them only go for one or two additional colors. Anything else is overkill, and you’ll be paying a premium when printers charge by the color.

Less Is More

This goes for font choice, color, actual number of lines and everything else. Keep it minimal, easy to recognize, and clean.

Your Name Is For Life

One of the most exciting, yet frustrating things about starting a business is choosing the name. Don’t get swept up in trends, such as opening a breakfast joint called “Hashtag.”

Short Mottos

If you’re including a motto regularly in your branding, such as McDonald’s, “I’m loving it,” the less is more principle also applies.

White Space

White space is free space when it comes to printing, and it also lets your branding breathe. A glob of black and/or colors is unattractive and tough to make out from a distance.

No Sharp Edges

The lines of your branding should almost always be a little softer and smoother. If you go with sharp lines and edges, such as the “W” in Wendy’s, it can look outdated, unwelcoming, and overly formal.

Warm & Cool Tones

Do you want your audience feeling excited, passionate and fired up—or would you rather they feel relaxed, calm, and collected? Warmth and coolness of tone will dictate that.

A Touch Of You

If it’s your company, you deserve to have a little “you” in there. Maybe you adore a certain font, elephants, or your favorite color is a very specific lavender. When you can, let your uniqueness leak into your branding.

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