Time to get optimising.

What Is Search Optimisation?

Search Optimisation or also referred to as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of working many little elements and tasks together to optimise your website with the goal to increase organic or unpaid traffic through search results.

Whilst SEO can and should be heavily focused on during your initial website build, it is important to regularly change and update your site to stay ontop of search engines ever changing requirements.

What contributes to a well optimised site?

A well optimised site will consist of a number of different things all contributing to consistent, accurate and legitimate display of content for search engines to read and pickup on.

Some of the tasks completed during optimisation include:
- Link Building
- Informative and up to date Google My Business listing
- Well formatted and relatable content / copywriting
- Consistent alt tags and captions for images
- Page speeds and loading times
- Back links and external reference sources
- and much more

Handy SEO Related Statistics.